I bought a site from "Interserver.net" and thought might as well share to help out others who wanted to try a Fastdl for their server!

Donation Progress

Reached: $6
Goal: $26
Money Donated!


Please help keep the site up by donating!

Donations $1 - $5 : you'll get your own url and ftp account!

Donations $6 and monthly subscriptions you get an easier method for uploading along with an account for the site! For monthly subscriptions click the donate button below!

Step 1. Click the upload button below and upload the files you want to the correct game folder!
Ex. "tf2map.bz2" gets uploaded to the folder "tf/maps"

Step 2. Click the link here

Step 3. Click on the folder of your game and then copy the url

Step 4. Paste in your server.cfg!

sv_allowupload "1"
sv_allowdownload "1"
sv_downloadurl "


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